The Airlines flagged off the first flight of 2018 for Everest Clean Up Campaign

At the towering height of 8,848 meters Mt. Everest - also known as Sagarmatha and Chomolungma - is a major attraction for trekkers and alpinists across the world. Travelers to the region are enchanted by the natural beauty of the pristine rivers, lakes and glaciers inside the Sagarmatha National Park. Approximately 46,000 trekkers visited the Everest region and around 700 mountaineers attempted to climb Mt. Everest in 2017 alone.

These visitors bring valuable tourism dollars that help the economy of the Everest region and Nepal as a whole, providing sustainable livelihoods to many. However with the growing number of visitors, the region is also facing a growing environmental threat from the waste generated by tourism activities. Despite rigorous efforts from the rural municipalities and local conservation organisations, managing the large volume of waste in this remote Himalayan region remains a challenge.