Sky Club Benefits

As a SkyClub member of Yeti Airlines, you are entitled to a range of benefits and privileges:

1. Mileage Points: Every flight you take to selected destinations will earn you valuable Sky points. The number of points you earn will depend on the Sky Mileage and reward chart provided by the airline.

2. Free Ticket: Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of points, you will qualify for Sky Rewards. The primary Sky Reward is a "Free Ticket" that you can redeem for a flight to a specific destination.

3. Discounts and Rebates: SkyClub members enjoy great discounts and rebates at top hotels, restaurants, clubs, bookstores, and other establishments. These discounts are listed in the SkyClub Discount booklet, allowing you to save money on various services and amenities.

4. Concession on Cancellation Charges: As a SkyClub member, you receive special concessions on ticket cancellation charges. For diamond members, there are no charges for ticket cancellations made 24 hours or one day before the flight. If you cancel on the same day or within 2 hours of the flight, only a 10% cancellation charge applies.

5. Priority Status: Being a SkyClub member grants you priority status when booking Yeti Airlines flights to any destination. This means you will receive preferential treatment and have a higher chance of securing your desired flights, especially during peak travel periods.

6. Baggage Privileges: SkyClub members enjoy additional baggage allowances. Gold members are allowed an extra 5 kg of baggage, while Diamond members receive an extra 10 kg of baggage allowance. This privilege allows you to carry more belongings without incurring additional charges.

These privileges and benefits aim to enhance your travel experience, provide cost-saving opportunities, and reward your loyalty as a SkyClub member of Yeti Airlines.


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