"Flying is not the only thing we do"

"Flying is not the only thing we do"; Yeti Airlines is committed to working towards benefit of the society in every way possible. Giving back to society is one of the core of the Airlines' mission and hence a part of our regular practises and initiatives.

Today, Yeti Airlines handed over a cheque of Rs. 4, 07,016/- (Four Lakh Seven Thousand and Sixteen Rupees) each to the below mentioned four social organizations as per our commitment.

  1. Marpha Foundation
  2. Habitat For Humanity
  3. Blinknow Foundation
  4. World Vision International

The total amount of assistance handed over sums up to Rs.16, 28,064/- (Sixteen Lakhs Twenty eight Thousand and Sixty four Rupees). This handover of assistance has been possible with the help of our passengers, on whose behalf Yeti Airlines donates NRs 4 per flight for a cause.

Till date Yeti Airlines has provided an assistance of Rs. 1, 69, 37,984/- One Crore Sixty Nine Lakhs Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Four Rupees to various organizations besides the aforementioned organizations.

Yeti Airlines also provide social discounts to disabled people (50%), Senior Citizens (25%), Child Discount (33.33%), and Infant (90%) in all the Jetstream-41 sectors like Bhadrapur, Tumlingtar, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Bharatpur, Pokhara, Bhairahawa, and Nepalgunj to and from Kathmandu.