Live Animal Transportation Service

Live Animal Transportation Service

Yeti Airlines Welcomes Back Our Furry Passengers!

We are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited return of our live animal transportation service at Yeti Airlines! Understanding the importance of family, we extend our warmest welcome not only to our human passengers but also to their beloved furry friends. From cuddly cats to lovable dogs, we are fully equipped and dedicated to ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your pets, all for a flat rate of Rs.300 per kg.


Here's What You Need to Know About Our Pet Transportation Service:

Safety and Comfort Come First

Our priority is the well-being of your pets. We have reintroduced our service with enhanced measures to guarantee that every mile of your pet's journey is as comfortable and safe as your own. Our team is trained and ready to handle all your pet transportation needs with the utmost care and professionalism.


Requirements for Transporting Your Pet

To make sure that we provide the best care for your pets during the flight, there are a few necessary steps every pet owner needs to follow:

1. Pet’s Vaccination Card: Safety starts with health. Bring your pet's up-to-date vaccination card to ensure that all necessary vaccinations are completed before the flight.

2. Fit to Fly Veterinary Certificates: Health is paramount, and a certificate from a vet stating your pet is fit to fly is essential. This not only ensures the safety of your pet but also the comfort of other passengers and pets on board.

3. Proper Cage: Your pet needs to have a comfortable and secure travel home for the duration of the flight. Ensure the cage is spacious enough for your pet to move around and is well-ventilated.


 Why Choose Yeti Airlines for Your Pet’s Travel Needs?

Expertise and Care: Our staff are well-trained in animal care and handling, ensuring that your pet is in good hands from check-in to arrival.

Affordable Rates: We offer a simple and transparent pricing model - just Rs.300 per kg, making it easier for you to plan your travel without worrying about hidden costs.

Comprehensive Services: From check-in through to pick-up, we provide comprehensive services to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your pet.


We at Yeti Airlines are excited to be part of your travel stories again, including those of your pets! We look forward to welcoming you and your canine and feline companions on board. Fly with us, and let us take care of the rest, ensuring a stress-free travel experience for your entire family, paws, and all!


For more information or to book your pet’s journey, visit our website or contact our customer service.