Annapurna Express

Explore uncharted territories above the clouds with Annapurna Express via Yeti Airlines

When you are soaring above the snow-clad mountains, you don’t think about anything but how majestic they are. For one, you don’t have the time to talk or waste a moment; you’d rather gaze in depth at the sublime beauty that lies below. 

A treat for your eyes, the soon to be in operation, ‘Annapurna Express’ by Yeti Airlines is yet another favorite one cannot miss out. With little or no words to describe, anyone who has experienced this can heartily say that the experience was glorious, remarkably close to magical, a rather honest-to goodness escapade. It is of no doubt that the morning skies are the most beautiful ones. And to glide through the skies? A truly mesmerizing joy. 

The flight is usually scheduled for 7:00 to 7:30 am. As the flight attendant ushers you to the assigned seats, one cannot be more than ready to range over the clouds. Gradually, the aircraft ascends as you see the bijou cityscape of Kathmandu Valley. The morning rays reflecting on water bodies below exhibit a wavering shimmer that glitter like diamonds. The verdant plains and the lush forests blanket as you fly higher. The teeming greenery of the hills overlook the valley. A subtle adrenaline rush, followed by the slightest gesture by everyone means you are about to behold the magnificent beauty that comes next. 

A few minutes into the journey, you will be able to see small mountains peeking through the clouds as they tease you. A gorgeous vista of completely riveting snows capes await.  After a few short moments the clouds slowly drift away, making way for you to encounter the mountains up close. Above a shroud of clouds, the mountains lay still, untouched yet raw. The soft spoken flight attendant points out to the lofty Mount Machhapuchre at 6993 MT. The Machhapuchre peak looks absolutely divine, at this point, you will surely wonder if the legends were ever true. Does Lord Shiva really live on this peak? Facts has it, Mount Machhapuchre has never been scaled to its summit, yet here you are closer than ever before, savoring the view no alpinists have caught sight of. 

A little further and the Annapurna range flaunts itself far and wide. You’ll experience a heightened sense of excitement on board, many a jaw-dropping expression. Passengers rambling to get that perfect shot as a souvenir to bring back home, is a sight you cannot explain. Taking pictures of mountains that come forth: Nilgiri (2637 MT), Dhaulagiri (8167 MT), Annapurna I (8091 MT) and so on is a pleasure only you will understand. As the mountains come popping row by row, people gasp, murmur while some seem to be stuck in the quantum of time. By now, you’ll realize that there is an endless sweep of mountains and you won’t be able to help but gaze awe-inspiringly over the infinite horizon. As the flight captain flies you closer to the mountains, the stewardess will announce for each one on-board to walk to the cockpit in turns and get a closer view.  A mighty surprise, your excitement will be as high as the mountains. Upon entering the cockpit, the scenery is surreal, none that anyone can explain. As the captain points out Dhaulagiri, its undiluted charm and so on, no words seem righteous enough to describe what you just observed. Some would even say unearthly since the Alps look eminently magical while glimmering glaciers embellish the entire icy realm. From then onwards the Jetstream will gradually start to take a turn inferring that the journey is coming to a close. 

With seatbelts tight, sunrays still refracted through the window, you will surely return with a heavy heart. You won’t want to comeback, not just yet. The thing is, this escapade is so captivating, and you can hear a couple of sighs; mostly due to the reluctance to leave. Undeniably, the experience is nothing less than marvelous and nothing short of magical. 

After the completion of the flight, many will be left with the experience of a lifetime. Some exchange euphoria while others gaze in silence contemplating the things they had just witnessed. One cannot simply explain this profound odyssey but to feel the sheer sensation of Goosebumps while gliding over the mountains is like you’ve notched up a billion dollars. And to conclude this incredible journey, every passenger is given certificates with their names, proving that they’ve been on this unforgettable flight – ‘Annapurna Express’ by Yeti Airlines. And you can gleam while claiming to have been to the mountains, over and beyond. 

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